Aman Sinha

I am a co-founder of Trustworthy AI, an automated test generation and risk modeling platform for safety-critical software. I work on problems at the intersection of machine learning, optimization, statistics, and control. Overall, I try to make computers faster and smarter on problems that matter to people.

Previously, I received a PhD at Stanford, where my advisor was John Duchi. My main research focused on distributionally robust optimization and rare-event simulation, and it involved many collaborations with Russ Tedrake at MIT. I was a member of the Statistical Machine Learning Group, and I also researched medical applications of machine learning as part of the Wearable Health Lab. I was supported by a Stanford Graduate Fellowship and a Hertz Fellowship.

Before Stanford, I received an MPhil in Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge on a Churchill Scholarship, where I was advised by Glenn Vinnicombe and Carl Rasmussen. I received a BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton; my thesis advisor was Naomi Leonard, and I also worked in the research groups of Howard Stone and Lex Smits.

I've been fortunate to complement my academic work with practical experience. I have previously worked at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), Quantifind, Microsoft, and Merck.

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Neural bridge sampling for evaluating safety-critical autonomous systems.
Aman Sinha*, Matthew O'Kelly*, John Duchi, Russ Tedrake. NeurIPS 2020.
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FormulaZero: distributionally robust online adaptation via offline population synthesis.
Aman Sinha*, Matthew O'Kelly*, Hongrui Zheng*, Rahul Mangharam, John Duchi, Russ Tedrake. ICML 2020.
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Efficient black-box assessment of autonomous vehicle safety.
Justin Norden*, Matthew O'Kelly*, Aman Sinha*. NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving, CVPR 2020 Workshop on Scalability in Autonomous Driving.
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Digital biomarkers of spine and musculoskeletal disease from accelerometers: Defining phenotypes of free-living physical activity in knee osteoarthritis and lumbar spinal stenosis.
Christy Tomkins-Lane, Justin Norden, Aman Sinha, Richard Hu, Matthew Smuck. The Spine Journal, 2019.
Outstanding Paper Award.

Scalable end-to-end autonomous vehicle testing via rare-event simulation.
Matthew O'Kelly*, Aman Sinha*, Hongseok Namkoong*, John Duchi, Russ Tedrake. NeurIPS 2018.
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Certifying some distributional robustness with principled adversarial training.
Aman Sinha*, Hongseok Namkoong*, John Duchi. ICLR 2018.
Oral presentation.
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Objective measurement of function following lumbar spinal stenosis decompression reveals improved functional capacity with stagnant real-life physical activity.
Matthew Smuck, Amir Muaremi, Patricia Zheng, Justin Norden, Aman Sinha, Richard Hu, Christy Tomkins-Lane. The Spine Journal, 2018.
Outstanding Paper Award.

Adaptive sampling probabilities for non-smooth optimization.
Hongseok Namkoong, Aman Sinha, Steve Yadlowsky, John Duchi. ICML 2017.
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Objective measurement of free-living physical activity (performance) in lumbar spinal stenosis: are physical activity guidelines being met?
Justin Norden, Matthew Smuck, Aman Sinha, Richard Hu, Christy Tomkins-Lane. The Spine Journal, 2017.
Outstanding Paper Award Runner-up.

Learning kernels with random features.
Aman Sinha, John Duchi. NIPS 2016.
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Dynamic management of network risk from epidemic phenomena.
Aman Sinha, John Duchi, Nick Bambos. IEEE CDC 2015.
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Visualizing the very-large-scale motions in turbulent pipe flow.
Leo Hellström, Aman Sinha, Lex Smits. Physics of Fluids, 2011.
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Past and present research collaborators (alphabetically by last name in reverse chronological order):
John Duchi, Matthew O'Kelly, Russ Tedrake, Rahul Mangharam, Hongrui Zheng, Justin Norden, Richard Hu, Matthew Smuck, Christy Tomkins-Lane, Hongseok Namkoong, Amir Muaremi, Patricia Zheng, Steve Yadlowsky, Nick Bambos, Leo Hellström, Lex Smits

Safety-critical machine learning: development and testing.
Aman Sinha. Stanford University PhD. Thesis, 2020.
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Distributed gaussian process regression in networked systems.
Aman Sinha. University of Cambridge MPhil. Thesis, 2014.
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Distributed consensus protocols in adaptive multi-agent systems.
Aman Sinha. Princeton University Undergraduate Thesis, 2013.
Awarded Morgan W. McKinzie '93 Senior Thesis Prize for best senior thesis.
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Single-particle motion in colloids: nonlinear fluctuations in the presence of hydrodynamic interactions.
Aman Sinha. Princeton University Junior-Year Independent Study, 2012.

I wrote an iOS app that converts handwriting to LaTeX. The website/server backend was developed and is maintained by Gina Triolo and me. More info available here.

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